No Spam List In Missouri

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The state of Missouri is trying to institute a "no spam list" which would work like current telemarketing "no call lists" except... that it wouldn't. Those who violate the list will be fined $5,000... if they were to be found, which they won't. It's unlikely your average spammer would care enough to check the Missouri list, or really expect to get caught. If anything, your average spammer might see the list as a good source of fresh email addresses.

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  1. identicon
    Steve, 2 Dec 2002 @ 4:14pm

    Re: Umm

    So what if the spammers send the mail from offshore servers or whatever, that really doesn't matter--there is always a company to contact who is paying for the spam "service." There has to be a way to contact the company to buy their thing or they wouldn't be doing it. Simple solution, make spam illegal and fine the company paying for it. Consumers should never ever do business with companies that use spam marketing and shame them into behaving morally. I really don't care, and it is completely irrelavent if they do work on .003% of people that adds up to being effective when multiplied by millions of victims.

    Spam steals my time and bandwidth--even though each individual email is only a small cost, there is in fact a real, measurable cost to me.

    And yes the spammers most certainly are making a lot of money, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. Think about it--the public stigma that they are willingly accept has to be contered by something--they wouldn't be doing it just to break even.

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