No Spam List In Missouri

from the good-luck dept

The state of Missouri is trying to institute a "no spam list" which would work like current telemarketing "no call lists" except... that it wouldn't. Those who violate the list will be fined $5,000... if they were to be found, which they won't. It's unlikely your average spammer would care enough to check the Missouri list, or really expect to get caught. If anything, your average spammer might see the list as a good source of fresh email addresses.

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  1. identicon
    joeblow, 1 Dec 2002 @ 11:06am

    Re: Umm

    fyi, i think this is the spammer making only $2000 a month Jason Heckel, this is the single mother Laura Betterly, and this is the millionaire with the 8k sq ft home, Mike Wendland

    There seems to be a big range in what a spammer can make. Sadly, the big money seems not to be in selling stuff through spam, but in selling the service of spamming people. So even if spammers don't make money, if there is a perception they do then guys like Wendland will be making lots of money.

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