No Spam List In Missouri

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The state of Missouri is trying to institute a "no spam list" which would work like current telemarketing "no call lists" except... that it wouldn't. Those who violate the list will be fined $5,000... if they were to be found, which they won't. It's unlikely your average spammer would care enough to check the Missouri list, or really expect to get caught. If anything, your average spammer might see the list as a good source of fresh email addresses.

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  1. identicon
    b0b, 29 Nov 2002 @ 2:45pm


    Well, this is better than the current *nothing* that's being done about SPAM nowadays. Spammers DO get caught. They DO get sued. Something like a "do not email" list is a good idea. If it's harvested? Great. The FTC and various other government agencies can go after them.

    doing nothing about the problem is only letting it grow. How many articles have we seen recently about the spammer and their 7,000 sq foot homes? The current lack of legislation is letting them get away with this.

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