by Mike Masnick

Techies Are Today's Factory Workers

from the so-they-say dept

The latest in a series of academic studies to suggest that life as a techie sucks, says that, despite the image of the techie with a flexible schedule and lots of valuable stock options, the truth is that their much more like today's factory workers, with a tremendous amount of stress. I think this study is somewhat on the pointless side. I know plenty of techies, and it really just depends on what job they've ended up in, and what their general outlook is. Certainly, there are some who hate their jobs, hate their bosses, and feel pressured all the time. However, others seem pretty happy with their jobs and positions that let them spend their time coding. Any study that suggests all of a certain professioin are something is going to get it wrong.

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    gary, 1 Dec 2002 @ 5:56pm

    dissatisfied tech workers

    I read awhile back that young lawyers were the
    most dissatisfied new grads. Most thought law was like Perry Mason and didn't think they would be doing paperwork.

    Maybe the dissatisfied tech workers will go to law school.

    Just a thought.

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