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by Mike Masnick

Did Microsoft Try To Kill A Tiny Internet Video Company?

from the let's-go-to-the-videotape... dept

Salon is running a (at least) two part article about the saga of a company named that is suing Microsoft for putting them out of business. The story seems stretched out (I don't see why it needs to be two parts - cutting out the fluff would shrink the story considerably), but the basic story is that created a different type of online video technology called "bursting" instead of "streaming". For a variety of reasons, it had some problems creating a media player of their own, and decided instead to focus on making their technology be a plugin with other media players like Microsoft's player. Just before U2 was to broadcast an online concert using the technology Microsoft "upgraded" their media player in such a way that Burst's technology no longer worked. Burst says it was a deliberate move to destroy them. Some others think that Burst is just taking aim at the company with the biggest pockets in filing their sour grapes lawsuit.

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  • identicon
    alternatives, 29 Oct 2002 @ 5:43am

    Well DUH!

    Digital partnered with Microsoft - look were Digital is today.

    You have Apple's techs in court claiming Microsoft changes APIs to thwart them.

    You have the DR-DOS claims that 'excel ain't done till it doesn't run on DR-DOS'. Or the 'fake' Windows 3 series messages if it detected it was running on DR-DOS.

    Someone did NOT do thier 'due diligence' when they started this project. Given M$'s history, you should EXPECT to get screwedif you are relying on M$ technology.

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    • identicon
      msykes, 29 Oct 2002 @ 3:44pm

      Re: Well DUH!

      Yeah, on the one hand, they should expect to get screwed over my MS. On the other hand, that doesn't make it right. Of course MS broke support on purpose! Proving it, well that's another question.


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