by Mike Masnick

Danish Watchdog Calls For Ban On Intrusive Online Ads

from the make-it-legally-wrong-to-scare-your-users dept

While we were just talking about how Google's CEO is suggesting that websites stop pissing off users, a consumer watchdog group in Denmark is advocating that the government make intrusive online ads illegal. They include the various interstitials and other ads that take over the page you're looking at. It seems a little on the extreme side to declare these ads illegal - and I'm not sure under what basis they would be considered illegal. I'm still hoping that advertisers and websites realize that pissing people off is not a long-term business model, but I'm probably being a little too idealistic.

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    Bob, 23 Oct 2002 @ 12:25pm

    No Subject Given

    Just a comment: Denmark's GDP per capita is around $28,000 (source: CIA 2002 world factbook) and it is a stable economy. The guy in the article who is objecting to banning this type of ad would like to paint a scary picture, like if they banned these ads, what's next? They'll ban ice cream! And soccer games! And walking down the street! And the communists would run amok! The fact is, banning ANY ad ANYWHERE would not deny consumers their rights, and wouldn't hinder the efficacy of the market. I say, let Denmark set an example for the rest of the world. Screw advertisers. If I want their product, I'll come find them.

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