An E-Mayor For Virtual L.A. City

from the good-luck dept

As we enter election season, there have been a number of articles concerning just how important the internet is to a political campaign these days. The general consensus is that it's important to use the internet, but not important to use it well. You just need to make sure you have a presence there. So, how is one candidate fairing while campaigning entirely on the web? Not all that well, it seems. First off, he's campaigning to be mayor of the San Fernando Valley, which is looking to secede from Los Angeles. Whoever wins the mayorial race won't matter if the secession (as expected) isn't approved. Second, though, is that the "virtual" candidate is currently running in eighth place with his all internet campaign. He's also running on a platform that is entirely focused on making sure that everyone has access to computers and the internet. Not a bad platform, but he doesn't seem to have anything else to bring to the table. That makes him something of a one-issue candidate, and it's not an issue that most people make their voting decisions on.

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