3G Mobile Operators Sitting Pretty

If you are Lucent Technologies and selling wireless infrastructure is a huge part of your business, you better make sure that there is demand for the capabilities you are selling to carriers. Of course you can't guarantee the demand, the best you can do is commission a study to reassure your customers that their investment will pay off one day. Surprise! A new Lucent sponsored study found that there is in fact huge demand for 3G services by US and European enterprise customers and that 3G carriers are well positioned to capture this demand. But as we all know, just building the network is far from enough. Enterprise customers care about coverage and costs. While they are less price sensitive, coverage and costs ultimately determine the ROI and how much they are willing to pay. Its less important that your network is 2.5G or 3G. It's all about the ROI, a point the Lucent study doesn't even touch.

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