Napster Or Not, File Swaps Continue

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In news that will surprise no one, MSNBC has a story pointing out that, despite the music industry's successful push to shut down Napster, more people than ever before are sharing music online. The music industry's response to this is that it would have been even worse if Napster had stayed around. Even worse? More people would have been able to listen to more music in an easier manner? This is "worse"? It's only "worse" to a music industry that can't seem to figure out that it's about time they realized the market for their products have changed. In the meantime, the music industry's criminals... I mean, customers, continue to go out and get what they want.

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    Anonymous Coward, 15 Oct 2002 @ 7:55am

    No Subject Given

    Silly isn't it. The music industry could have worked with Napster and had a great resource for determining what people wanted to listen to. They could then have cut their artists (used lightly here) and kept around their potential money makers. Now because the file sharing has spread to a wide variety of sources, they are cryiing foul on everything. Really, has anyone ever swapped an N'Sync song ?

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