Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

CompUSA's New Buzz?

from the gamers-and-caffeinated-drinks? dept

A friend of mine works for a gaming company and recently attended the World Cyber Games, and came back saying that there were very few people there. So, it was a bit of a surprise to then read about CompUSA's latest turnaround strategy being to focus on the gaming community, with the major marketing effort being to sponsor the World Cyber Games and to start selling some overly caffeinated drink popular with gamers. While I have nothing against focusing on gamers, it seems like a fairly limited strategy, to bet the company on a sparsely attended gaming event and a drink. The article includes some quotes that sound like they were planted by CompUSA marketing people: "I was pretty much near the point of passing out from exhaustion, and I was able to play for another four hours because of the caffeine" and "It got me to browse around the store and see what they had. They had quite a bit of stuff I didn't know they carried."

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