by Mike Masnick

It's Okay To Be A Dot Com Again

from the does-anyone-really-care? dept

There certainly was a period of time when just about every company was making sure to officially add a ".com" to the end of their name. Then, after the bubble burst, they were practically shoving each other aside to erase the ".com". Now, it turns out, it's back to being "okay" to have a .com in your name, so long as you really are an internet company. Or, that's what the people quoted in the article say. Honestly, I don't think it makes one bit of difference either way. If you're worried about whether the name of your company should have a .com or not, you're probably not spending enough time on important things like "how do we actually make money?".

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    bbay, 13 Sep 2002 @ 4:59pm

    Silly executives

    Mind share doesn't make money, market share does. It's easy for people with many stock options to forget this fact.

    Ooh, that's almost an epigram.

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    lor, 14 Sep 2002 @ 4:10am

    No Subject Given

    i still makes a big differnce because people (and suppliers and customers) still think the web is a business joke and act consequently.

    I run a video distribution over the web which savesz a lot of money in terms of satellite uplinks to both videomakers and TVs, and we think should be welcome to both.

    But then, when we order some videomakers a video for some TV, sometimes they feel they should feed us substandard material just because we are a .com

    And when we get great footage for some TV, they re always surprised by the fact we know and ask the market price for it (and rather put off by that, though saving them satellite costs)

    But hten, we are a .com and have a reason to be, so we stick to it and try to insult people as much as possible via telephone rather than email so they don t think we re virtual but rather old economy bastards

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