FCC Fines Fax.com $5.38 Million For Junk Faxes

from the but-when-do-they-go-after-spam.com? dept

The FCC has decided to fine Fax.com $5.38 million, claiming they violated anti-unsolicited fax laws repeatedly. Apparently, the FCC had warned the company a number of times, and Fax.com kept at it. It'll be interesting to see how the company responds. It's still never been made completely clear to me why we can't just make anti-junk fax laws cover spam as well.

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  1. identicon
    Oliver Wendell Jones, 7 Aug 2002 @ 2:44pm

    Do you print out your SPAM mail?

    The reason that Fax SPAM is illegal is the actual physical cost that is tied to receiving a fax. You need paper and toner (or ink) to receive a fax, so every fax you receive actually costs you money as well as time.
    Receiving a SPAM e-mail only costs you time, and even though most people will tell you that time = money, there isn't a convenient way to prove it.
    If you had some bizarre e-mail appliance that would receive all your e-mail and print them out before you could read them, then you might be able to get Congress to consider making the same law apply...

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