by Mike Masnick

e-Commerce: It's Only Teenage Wasteland

from the so-it-goes dept

theodp writes "Here's an article saying teens make up the most computer-savvy generation in U.S. history, but ironically are also the least likely to buy online. While Americans aged 10 to 19 spent $155 billion last year, an average of $116 a week, the average teenager spent only $31 online in 2001. Why? No credit cards, and a demand for immediate gratification." I've been seeing articles like this for years - so I'm not sure why there's anything new about it now. During the dot com boom there were a few companies that tried to get around it, sometimes in fairly creative ways. One of my favorites would let parents set up a type of online "bank account" that kids could use to manage their money. The site was designed to help teach kids about good money management practices - but also (apparently) how to be good little consumers, since you could also buy stuff with the money in your account.

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