by Mike Masnick

Why America's Mobile Problem Matters

from the wait-just-a-second... dept

News.com is running an opinion piece from the VP of Marketing at Tahoe Networks (so you get the idea his view might be biased towards what's best for his business). He's basically saying that the government needs to do a lot more in the US to stimulate wireless internet usage. His argument is pretty straightforward. He says that outside of the US, it's much easier for people to access information on their mobile phones, and that's a competitive advantage that is hurting the US. Of course, he brushes over the problems folks in Europe have had concerning overpaying for spectrum as well as issues of picking the best standard. Sometimes being the first isn't the most important. Certainly, I'd like better wireless internet access in the US, but I'm not convinced we've gone about it the wrong way yet. Letting things develop naturally in the market, rather than forcing it via the government might be a better strategy long term. Already, US carriers have shown a steady march forward in offering new wireless features. I'm not convinced they need a more significant push other than the lure of the market.

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