Bank Data Theft On The Rise... From Afar

from the not-quite-so-dramatic dept

While robbing a bank by going in the front door with a gun may have some romantic appeal, it's being done less and less. Instead, robbing banks is all about the technology these days. Even more interesting is that it's not just about stealing money directly from the bank either. Stealing information is proving to be more valuable. Instead of taking money out of the bank, why not get everone's ATM codes? Or credit card numbers? Information that can then be sold - and not as easily tracked back to the thief. It seems that modern bank robbers look to banks as a great place to perpetrate identity theft - as opposed to cash theft. Of course, much of this also involves some social hacking - convincing bank employees that you're someone you're not. Either way, robbing banks isn't what it used to be. It's apparently a lot more.

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