by Mike Masnick

PC? Mac? Who Cares?

from the not-I dept

I've been accused (repeatedly) here on Techdirt of being anti-Mac. I've tried to explain that it's all a lie. I simply don't care what type of computer people use, as long as it gets the job done. The fact is that whatever you use these days it probably gets the job done. So, you should stop caring what anyone else uses and get on with your life.

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    Tom, 28 May 2002 @ 7:00am


    ...well, you ARE anti mac. But somebody has to be, right?

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    Anonymous Coward, 28 May 2002 @ 10:55am

    No Subject Given

    I won't hold it against you! :) LONG LIVE THE MACINTOSH!!!

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    goneaway, 28 May 2002 @ 8:29pm

    That article...

    I actually just finished writing a mean little paragraph about it. I can't believe that he advised someone to "go with their heart" about a computer purchase. Why did this piece of writing ever get further than a Geocities site?

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    Will, 6 Mar 2007 @ 3:36pm

    I don't care. I just like to choose. If I could install OSX on my PC I would. I just don't like the pansy metro-sexual revolution look of MacBooks. I believe in freedom of choice and Mac just doesnt do enough for me. Isnt it a little communistic to be able to have OSX running on just a Apple hardware? So ONLY Steve Jobs can make money? What a greedy bastard. Bill Gates opened a huge door for many corporations and small companies to creatively build their own computers, and you know what, because of this he came on top. He and many more made alot of money, not like Jobs trying to keep all the money to himself.

    OSX hasn't proved itself beyond one design, so this proves nothing to me. MS runs on many chipsets, many configurations.

    All of his products are built in Taiwan, and I don't like Taiwaneze or Mexican products. I make sure its built by the best, USA or Japan. Again, Apple doesn't have that to offer.

    I really never hated Mac till recently when all the elitist Mac users came out and started this frenzy of we're better we're better!! I almost thought about it till the thought of Mac elitists getting under my skin like a parasite...really annoying. Then I realized, the best of anything is what gets attacked the most. Its pointless to make a virus for a Mac, they're not signifigant enough, so make viruses for PC. Every bashes the PC, because its the best. So I stick to what is best, and keep to remaining normal human being who just wants to computer without corky behind me talking about how much better is Mac.

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