by Mike Masnick

Families Connecting Over Email

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I've been seeing similar columns to this one for years, but it's still nice to read. It talks about how email has allowed people to communicate better. Mostly, it focuses on families who had otherwise lost touch. However, it also talks about how many people simply prefer email as a communication method these days. They quote someone saying that they prefer to discuss things of email since the phone seems impersonal (which seems to be the opposite of what many people I know think). Personally, I think that email is just a different medium for communication. It works okay for some types of communication between some types of people. There are people I prefer to talk to over email. There are people I prefer to talk to over the phone as well as those I prefer to talk to in person I'm not sure that one system is any better overall than any other. I think it just depends on both of the people involved and the nature of their relationship.

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    Lee, 8 Apr 2002 @ 8:54am

    Things change

    When I started using email to keep in touch with out-of-town family and friends I noticed my long distance phone bill went way down. With email you don't get an answering machine. Email also eliminates the time zone consideration, so I am not calling back to PA when they are getting bed or they are not calling me while I am still asleep. Email lets us send images. There are a lot advantages to email.

    However, things changed again since I started using a cell phone. Towards the end of my billing cycle, I start making long distance calls to eat up air time for which I have already paid

    Communication systems change and things that are new often temorarily displace old methods, but eventually they become just another tool for us to use as appropriate.

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