by Mike Masnick

Handsfree Kits Don't Make Driving While Yakking Any Safer

from the hmmm dept

For a few years now I've had one of those little handsfree earpiece/microphone things that attach to your cell phone for use while driving. I've used it maybe 3 times. It's a pain to set up, and then you either have to drive the whole time with the annoying earbud in your ear, or you have to fiddle and shove it in your ear when the phone rings - which to me is more distracting than just answering the phone. In the past week, though, I finally decided to do something about this, and set up a "poor man's" car phone system. For $4 at Walgreens I bought a little plastic thing that attaches to an air vent and holds my mobile phone where it's easily viewable. For $15 at Fry's I bought this device that has a "cassette tape" that goes into the tape player with two wires sticking out. One connects to the phone. The other is a microphone, which I've clipped to a different vent. If someone calls, I just need to switch the radio mode to tape (doable from the steering wheel control) and flip up my phone (which can be done without looking at the phone). It works wonderfully. And, when I use it, I can tell that I'm paying much better attention to the road than when I used the phone alone (or the earbud/microphone method). So, now that that's all set up, here's comes a study showing that setups just like mine are still unsafe. Especially if you're an older woman (which, I'm not). Maybe we should all just stop driving.

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  1. identicon
    mhh5, 2 Apr 2002 @ 1:34pm

    Re: yeah right

    yes, this is why they also tell you not to drive when you're emotionally distraught. So in the end, these studies are just telling people that they need to keep their minds on driving -- whether you're on a cell phone, fiddling with the radio, lighting up a smoke, putting on makeup, eating, yelling at your toddlers, etc while driving at the same time.

    maybe what we really need are bumper cars.... or that Mercedes system that automatically slows you down if it thinks you're tailgating.

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