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by Mike Masnick

Pennsylvania Forcing ISPs To Filter Child Porn

from the unworkable dept

Apparently, the state of Pennsylvania has passed a law saying that ISPs are required to filter out child porn from a list of URLs that the Pennsylvania attorney general will give out. The article points out how pointless this is. All it's going to do is put a ridiculous burden on ISPs without actually preventing these sick people from accessing child porn. It's a knee-jerk reaction which doesn't help the situation and only harms the service providers who have nothing to do with the porn itself. Will we ever get technology savvy legislators?

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  • identicon
    thecaptain, 20 Mar 2002 @ 6:57am

    Kneejerk reactions are

    what legislators are all about. For them to explore REAL options (if any) would take too much brains and would be hard to explain the the sheep...err voters they con.

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