Best Buy Selling Their Own Computers

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Best Buy has quietly started to follow a strategy that many of its competitors have tried without any hint of success before: they're selling their own brand of computers. There are a number of problems with this idea, but Best Buy doesn't seem to care. I think they're being incredibly stupid in trying to launch an entirely new "brand" for the computers called "vpr Matrix". If they just labeled them as Best Buy computers they wouldn't have such an branding problem. But, now, no one knows what a vpr Matrix computer is - and are willing to spend more on a known brand. They also risk pissing off companies like HP, Compaq and Sony who all sell through Best Buy.

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    Michael, 13 May 2002 @ 9:06am

    Best Buy owns about 15 other companies as well.

    Best Buy owns a lot of different companies. West Coast Video and Hastings are just two good examples. They are the Nations largest electronics retailer and have billions of dollars. I am also a programmer for Best Buy. I have seen many different brands and VPR Matrix blows them out of the water. Not only are they a great computer that is the most upgradeable of them all you can get into a VPR Matrix for a lower cost and be able to at least afford some nice accessories. If you buy a computer from a retailer they always have mail-in rebates. That number that you pay today is sometimes 300 to 400 dollars more. You can always get into a VPR Matrix at a lower cost today and only have to mail in two mail rebates for almost the same amount instead of mailing in around 4 or 5. Best Buy never has a VPR Matrix returned due to the customers loving them greatly. VPR Matrix is a great machine that deserves a lot of respect.

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