by Mike Masnick

Best Buy Selling Their Own Computers

from the tried-and-failed-before dept

Best Buy has quietly started to follow a strategy that many of its competitors have tried without any hint of success before: they're selling their own brand of computers. There are a number of problems with this idea, but Best Buy doesn't seem to care. I think they're being incredibly stupid in trying to launch an entirely new "brand" for the computers called "vpr Matrix". If they just labeled them as Best Buy computers they wouldn't have such an branding problem. But, now, no one knows what a vpr Matrix computer is - and are willing to spend more on a known brand. They also risk pissing off companies like HP, Compaq and Sony who all sell through Best Buy.

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  1. identicon
    Robert, 30 Apr 2002 @ 11:45am

    VPR Matrix selling like hotcakes

    A friend of mine works at Best Buy and talked me into buying one. His selling point was that they are the only non-proprietary computers they sell. When my 2.0Ghz is too slow in two years, I can simply buy a new motherboard and processor to upgrade it. Where Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq and Sony you can't. They also use a 300 watt power supply and larger case to make it run more stable! The other manufacturers only use 200watts! If you know anything about computers, this is the closest thing to building it yourself or buying an Alienware

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