by Mike Masnick

Best Buy Selling Their Own Computers

from the tried-and-failed-before dept

Best Buy has quietly started to follow a strategy that many of its competitors have tried without any hint of success before: they're selling their own brand of computers. There are a number of problems with this idea, but Best Buy doesn't seem to care. I think they're being incredibly stupid in trying to launch an entirely new "brand" for the computers called "vpr Matrix". If they just labeled them as Best Buy computers they wouldn't have such an branding problem. But, now, no one knows what a vpr Matrix computer is - and are willing to spend more on a known brand. They also risk pissing off companies like HP, Compaq and Sony who all sell through Best Buy.

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  1. identicon
    Rick, 1 Apr 2002 @ 2:48am

    Re: Best Buy VPR Matrix computer

    Right on Lanier. I have my name on a waiting list for a model 2000. Check out the specs and you'll find for $1400.00 this is a heck of a deal. Add the BBY three year on site warranty for $200.00 and you're well below the two on-line giant computer stores. As for the warranty, years ago I bought a CPU from BBY and it crapped out two years and ten months later. BBY completely rebuilt it for me at zero expense. Their 14 day "no questions asked" return policy is great. Only problem is they can't keep the Matrix on the shelves because they sell out so fast. I searched high and low on the web and can not find one adverse thing about them. BBY is having the Matrix built according to demand and they do not "stockpile" them. Hence you get the latest technology unlike other big computer mfgrs that may deliver computers that are six months old. Matrix comes with it's own XP restore CD, device driver CD, MS Word CD and Logitech optical mouse CD. Some of the mass produced computers are now coming with the restore functions on a separate partition on the hard drive. You get no restore CD's. Seems weird to me, a way of saving money for them which could be a pain for the consumer. For instance, what if you lose the desktop icons and can't get to the restore partition? You contact the mfgr and they will mail you CD's which allow you to get into the restore partition. HUH? Before you buy take a good look at the Martix.

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