Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Making Insecure Software Illegal

from the how-to-stop-Microsoft? dept

A BBC article about calls from a group of researchers to make laws that would punish software companies that make insecure software. Yes, okay, the Microsoft jokes are way too easy on this one, so I'll leave them to your imagination. However, I do think that such a law could be a pretty dangerous precedent. While it could be a good thing to force software makers to make their software more sercure, it could open up a ton of other problems and also make things a lot more difficult for smaller software developers that would have to do extra work as well. In the end it's nearly impossible to make perfectly secure software - and depending on how the law is structured it could place quite a burden on a lot of software developers who couldn't handle it.

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    Duffman, 16 Jan 2002 @ 7:28pm


    I definitely agree. This could spell bad news for many companies. It could stunt development - who would want to release anything unless they were 110% sure? And really, saying that something is completely secure is just inviting someone with a lot of spare time to spend said time trying to find a hole, and they eventually will (one thousand monkeys at one thousand typewriters....). It's good intentions, but bad practise.

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    Bozo the clown, 18 Jan 2002 @ 2:30am

    No Subject Given

    Security is a process... not a product.
    (Fucking lawyers...)

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