by Mike Masnick

How To Distribute Innovation

from the a-big-question dept

Michael Schrage's new column for MIT's Tech Review is taking a look at a very interesting topic. There's a difference between invention and innovation, he says. There are plenty of good new ideas out there - but how they change, how they are used, and how they are accepted is what is really important. So, he's going to be writing a column about how customers help the process of innovation. It's something of a rethinking of the argument that the "worst technology always wins" (always started with the VHS/Betamax example, and followed by plenty of others). I've seen that argument pop up on various mailing lists and discussion groups from (usually bitter) geeks all the time. There have been some very good discussions as to why this (sometimes) happens, so it will be good to see if Schrage can add to that discussion with some well thought-out pieces.

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