by Mike Masnick

How Tivo Will Force You To Watch Commercials

from the creative-solutions dept

This one makes me happy. I'm always complaining about companies who react to new technologies by suing them into submission. Instead, I believe, companies should look at new technologies for creative ways to deal with issues like changing revenue streams. For instance, digital recorders like Tivo and Replay may threaten traditional television advertisers, but I thought it was particularly silly that the networks sued Replay instead of looking for creative solutions. Now, it appears they are working on creative solutions with Tivo. Earlier this evening, Dennis (Techdirt's code junky) was showing me the new Tivo promotion with Lexus. It's a sweepstakes to win a new Lexus, but which forces you to watch a number of Lexus commercials (which the Tivo will conveniently record for you) to answer the questions to win the sweepstakes. Actually, to make it a little trickier, the Tivo records some of the commercials as is, but then tells you a bunch of shows that you will need to record in their entirety to find the other necessary commercials. Obviously, Tivo can try to sell the networks on paying up to be included in these "forced" recordings. Who knows whether or not a promotion like this will work, but I sat through a bunch of Lexus commercials willingly this evening...

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  1. identicon
    sb, 14 Nov 2001 @ 6:15am

    Get a clue

    What a STUPID idea. Only the reddest of the rednecks would bother. The same idiots that used to surf But then again, they wouldnt own Tivo in the first place.

    The whole point of Tivo is for people who dont have time to watch TV, and must record shows, to work around their schedule. These are EXACTLY the LAST people who would sit around playing "virtual lottery" by watching commercials. What a total joke.

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