by Mike Masnick

The Phantom Edit

from the ah...-digital-film-making dept

A very interesting article about someone (apparently, this is all well known within the Star Wars fanatic world - a world I am obviously not a part of) who took the latest (but first) Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace, and re-edited it by cutting out certain parts to make it better. Most people seem to agree that it is much better. However, the simple act of a fan re-editing a movie brings up a lot of questions. Since the original Phantom Edit, many others have tried to re-edit the Phanton Menace, and the writer of the article wonders if this is going to be a new trend of fans doing post-movie edits.

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    u2604ab, 5 Nov 2001 @ 11:01am

    behind the curve

    Dude! Usually you're days to weeks ahead of the curve with stories on techdirt; I'm half-surprised you didn't find stories to post predicting the WTC event prior to Sept 11, or the eventual Diamondback win. But man... The Phantom re-edit was covered by NPR and other major news-sources months ago.

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      Mike (profile), 5 Nov 2001 @ 2:10pm

      Re: behind the curve

      Yup. I missed this one (though, I made that clear in the post). I also, of course, missed the Diamondbacks win.

      But, the ideas in the article about how other movies may soon get similar treatment is interesting and worth posting on its own.

      Okay. I'll try to go back to predicting the future from now on.

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      • identicon
        mhh5, 6 Nov 2001 @ 12:47am

        Re: behind the curve

        I'm out of it for a little while and everyone's having delusions of grandeur....

        Masnick is so far outside the Star Wars loop, it isn't funny. I've seen The Phantom Edit. It's not that good. Granted it's better than the orginal....

        How about that new Episode 2 trailer??

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