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by Mike Masnick

Phone Records For Sale

from the cheap dept

As if we weren't scared about enough privacy related issues already. MSNBC is running a report about just how easy it is to get ahold of someone's phone records thanks to the web. Basically, you can hire a firm to get anyone's phone records for about $100. Of course, in the article, they describe the methods by which those companies get the phone records (mostly, by calling and saying they are the person whose phone it is, and they need their phone bill immediately faxed to a certain number...). All of this, of course, is completely illegal, but until it draws national attention, no one is doing anything about it.

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    Adam, 24 Jan 2006 @ 3:50pm

    Cel phone records

    It's amazing how much of a privacy violation this is, and every web site has taken down their info on it all of a sudden, slashdot, MSNBC, etc., have all taken this info "off the air" without notice. Makes ya wonder, don't it? And I am NOT a consipracy type of guy!

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