Computers On Your Wrist

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For a while I've been wondering why companies haven't made more of an effort to somehow involve the wristwatch into computing. I mean, it seemed like the perfect thing. Here was a (usually) electronic device that a large percentage of the population already wore on their bodies most of the time. It certainly beats having to train people to carry around a clunky "handheld" device. I know that watches are small, and it's tough to add too many features, but I figured someone would do something creative with them. It looks like IBM may finally be getting somewhere with their WatchPad, which they're working on with Citizen. It seems that they're not trying to make the device do everything, but instead, work well with other devices. Hopefully more "watch-related" computing devices will start showing up soon. Sooner or later, someone will get it right. Update: Another article about the watch that includes pictures.

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    mhh5, 11 Oct 2001 @ 7:46pm

    what I don't understand...

    Is why no one has thought of putting gadgets inside HATS. People don't wear hats anymore (except baseball caps, I guess). But wouldn't it be cool to have a phone in your hat? The brim of your hat could be the interface. Weight may not be a huge issue as long as it didn't throw off your balance.... But I guess people don't like hats anymore. But you'd think bald guys would love it....

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