by Mike Masnick

Fewer And Fewer Sites Controlling More Surfing Time

from the big-names-get-bigger dept

A new study has come out showing that four online sites (AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Napster) control fifty percent of all time spent online. That's pretty impressive. Two years ago you needed eleven companies to do that. Plus, to get up to 60% you now need just 14 companies - down from 110 two years ago. Amazingly, Techdirt didn't seem to make the cut for those 14. Anyway, I do wonder, of the 110 companies that made up the 60% two years - how many are still in business?

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    Oddball, 4 Jun 2001 @ 12:19pm

    Funny that

    I never go to aol, microsoft, yahoo or napster.

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    mhh5, 5 Jun 2001 @ 12:07am

    hmmm. that *IS* interesting...

    While *I DO* frequent Yahoo and other popular sites, I have to wonder how the hell they get those numbers. I mean, eBay occupies 2% of all internet surfing? How do they know that? Unless Mediametrix (or whoever) has a sniffer on everyone's connection, I'm not sure how they come to those conclusions... Anyone want to enlighten me?

    My objection is basically that I think they get those numbers from Neilson-rating-type demographic polls. And I have to question how good their demographics are of the internet, seeing that they didn't mention that porn should be occupying a sizable fraction of all surf time. (or maybe that's the unmentioned 40% of all surf time...)

    Not that I don't disagree with the trend. I just think that the numbers are sketchy....

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