How Airlines Should Offer Internet Access

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Stewart Alsop's latest column telling airlines that they should offer internet access for free to passengers in an easy way - so they can plug in their computer and modem and be online. It should be free, even though he says he'd pay more for a ticket to do so (then it's not really free, is it?). While I'm all for free internet access while flying, I don't really see the compelling argument other than that flying sucks and this will be a good way to take passengers' minds off the fact that they have a huge person next to them overflowing into their seat. He does make the good argument, however, that a limited form of internet access based on only what the airline allows would be a huge waste of time.

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    Duffman, 3 Apr 2001 @ 8:25pm


    If they did provide access to customers, would they responsible for what customers accessed? What if a businessman/woman decides they want to access pornography while someone's child is next to them? I'm just curious, seeing how libraries are being forced to filter since they provide free, general access to the public.

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      Ryan, 5 Apr 2001 @ 9:10am

      Re: Filtering/exposure

      Hey, you might even be able to get a mother to move her annoying child if you start surfing on the internet. That would be a real bonus, on a few flights I've had the worst experiences with little brats. There mothers just let them kick the seats all the way through the flight, start throwing stuff...arrrggghh!

      Don't get me wrong I like kids but I just seem to have come too many bratty kids with slack mothers. Maybe they should have a kids section in the back of the plane (or is that economy ;) ).

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