by Mike Masnick

Jabber Scores First Licensing Customer In

from the open-source-stuff dept, in an attempt to stay competitive with other portals, has decided they need to have their own instant messaging client. They've decided to go with Jabber, which is an open source IM client. This is Jabber's first customer and it's definitely a pretty big win. While is pretty lame itself (I still have problems with a site that feels the need to bribe its own users to use it), it does help establish Jabber as a real player in the space.

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    spongebrain, 4 Jan 2001 @ 5:49am

    No Subject Given

    Popular portal iWon, looking to increase its stickiness by incorporating instant messaging, Tuesday licensed Inc.'s open source technology.
    ie: Bored programmers at, eager to add an XML based open source tool to their resumes, have convinced mgm't that adding jabber to their site is a very good thing.
    iWon daily gives away cash prizes to users who generate entries to the portal's sweepstakes by using its services.
    At this juncture, shouldn't they be *hiding* the fact that they actually give away money?
    "The instant messaging application will help us maintain our position as one of the stickiest sites on the Internet," said Jonas Steinman, founder and co-chief executive officer of iWon.
    ie: Someone please tell this poor bastard that "stickiness" and "eyeballs" really haven't mattered for a long long time now.
    "We're pleased to introduce iWon as one of our first major customers within the service provider market," said Andre Durand, founder of
    ie: "We're hoping our association with Iwon will convince the suckers who funded iwon to also fund us," ---

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