Mobile Phones Used For Mating Purposes

from the hey-baby,-check-out-this-Nokia-I-got... dept

What is it with the British and their weird mobile phone studies? First we find out that British teens are using cell phones as replacements for cigarettes and now a new study suggests that males use mobile phones as a "mating call" like a peacock showing of his plumage. In fact, some guys even buy and carry fake, but sleek-looking, mobile phones to impress women. How sick is that? While I do know some guys who "show off" their mobile phone, I think it's pretty damn geeky. I tend to keep mine hidden away in a pocket, and if I get a call, try to head off somewhere where no one is around. Perhaps this explains the sad quality of the women I've been dating recently. I need to start showing off my mobile phone more...

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  1. identicon
    VALENTINO, 6 Nov 2002 @ 5:17pm

    No Subject Given

    I am looking for the following phones handset only power up, good lcd, and calls out kyocera 2035, 2235, 2135
    Audivox 9100, 9155,
    LG 510, V111, VX10, VX1
    motorola startac 7790,7797, 7760
    motorola V2397, 2297, 2260, 60i, V120, T720
    nokia 8270, 8260, 3285, 5185,
    contact me at 248-361-6666

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