Mobile Phones Used For Mating Purposes

from the hey-baby,-check-out-this-Nokia-I-got... dept

What is it with the British and their weird mobile phone studies? First we find out that British teens are using cell phones as replacements for cigarettes and now a new study suggests that males use mobile phones as a "mating call" like a peacock showing of his plumage. In fact, some guys even buy and carry fake, but sleek-looking, mobile phones to impress women. How sick is that? While I do know some guys who "show off" their mobile phone, I think it's pretty damn geeky. I tend to keep mine hidden away in a pocket, and if I get a call, try to head off somewhere where no one is around. Perhaps this explains the sad quality of the women I've been dating recently. I need to start showing off my mobile phone more...

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  1. identicon
    mhh5, 7 Nov 2000 @ 5:26pm

    Re: can i make a call?

    What sort of CRAZY person borrows a cell phone? You don't know where they've been. You'd have to be on "kissing terms" with me before you could even touch *my* cell phone! :)

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