by Mike Masnick

Online Travel Sites Are Biased

from the who-cares? dept

A new study shows that you shouldn't trust your travel searches to a single online site, as many of them are biased in some way. I actually don't think this is that big of a deal (nor does the author of the article). Personally, I usually check 3 or 4 different travel sites before booking a ticket, and I almost always find the exact same flights and prices at every site I check.

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    mhh5, 27 Oct 2000 @ 3:43pm

    GIGO: who's to really say what's right?

    "... savvy Web users should be able to avoid falling for the anti-competitive ploys of any one Web site. That, ultimately, is what the Web is
    really good for.

    I'm not sure the web is really good for ferreting out truth from fiction. It's just good at disseminating information w/o regard to accuracy. So if you're effectively bombarded with 90% misinformation, how savvy of a Web user do you have to be to recognize the 10% that is true?

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