by Mike Masnick

Getting Money For Smashing Bogus Patents

from the watch-out-priceline... dept

Wired is running an article about BountyQuest, the site that is (in part) co-funded by Tim O'Reilly and Jeff Bezos to pay people money for destroying patents by finding prior art. The "news" part about this is, of course, that the first patent they're looking to smash is the one that is owned by Bezos: the 1-click patent. O'Reilly points out: "If he believes in the patent, and if he's an honest guy -- as I think he is -- then he wants to be sure it's a good patent." Of course, others think it's a stupid idea that will do nothing to stem the number of stupid patents that are going through.

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  1. identicon
    Todd, 19 Oct 2000 @ 12:35pm

    You owe me

    Mike, I've recently patented the process of calling an idea stupid, and I regret to inform me that you owe me the greater of: Zero or 10% of the revenue you derive from Techdirt.

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