by Mike Masnick

Web Surfing At Work Makes Employees More Productive And Happy

from the well,-duh dept

Okay, here's a study that says what I've always believed: workers who have free internet access tend to be more productive, less stressed out, and happier employees. I've always believe this was true, and I thought that companies that try to cut down on personal surfing at work were being counterproductive. The fact is that no worker is going to be able to put 100% effort towards work related stuff every day. By allowing them the occasional time to clear their head, it allows them to work much smarter. Plus, as a general tool, the internet is obviously helpful. Now, having said all that, I still have some issues with the study. It seems that it was done by just asking employees what they thought, and not actually studying the productivity. Of course employees are going to say good things about having internet access. They want to keep it! So, I'm not sure if I'd trust the study, but my gut feeling is the findings are still correct.

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