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A rambling discussion in Salon about all these tech magazines and how they have no way to keep their content as fresh and strong as it needs to be to be a "must read". Personally, I've stopped all subscriptions to print magazines (and I used to get a lot). I do still get Business 2.0, but I'm pretty sure my subscription ran out long ago, so I'm not sure why it still comes. I must admit, I used to read it too, but now that they've switched to publishing bi-weekly, I've noticed they just pile up. I can't keep up. I read enough news (if you hadn't noticed) on the web. The article does point out that the time it takes from being a "must read" to a "has been" is now about 15 months. Maybe I should start considering "Techdirt - the Magazine".

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    Mike (profile), 21 Aug 2000 @ 5:20pm

    Re: As if...

    Um, well, we're *way* too ugly for TV. :) We'd have to hire actors to play all of us. As for radio... we did have the one episode which kinda sucked. We then had the second episode which was great, but which we deleted in a moment of pure stupidity. Look for it to return sometime soon when we get our act together.

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