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A rambling discussion in Salon about all these tech magazines and how they have no way to keep their content as fresh and strong as it needs to be to be a "must read". Personally, I've stopped all subscriptions to print magazines (and I used to get a lot). I do still get Business 2.0, but I'm pretty sure my subscription ran out long ago, so I'm not sure why it still comes. I must admit, I used to read it too, but now that they've switched to publishing bi-weekly, I've noticed they just pile up. I can't keep up. I read enough news (if you hadn't noticed) on the web. The article does point out that the time it takes from being a "must read" to a "has been" is now about 15 months. Maybe I should start considering "Techdirt - the Magazine".

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  1. identicon
    Michael Armstrong, 18 Aug 2000 @ 10:04pm

    As if...

    I can't say that I'm terribly surprised. I get a couple of the ZDNet and Infoworld "newsletters" via email and they're constantly three or four days behind. Quite often a story I'll see here or on Slashdot will show up a day or two later through them with a "breaking news/this just in" attitude.

    I figure if they can't even get that right, the print versions don't stand a chance. It doesn't help that lead times are MUCH longer for the print world. It's like starting a race after the fastest guy has already crossed the finish line.

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