Scary Speech from Edgar Bronfman Jr. of Seagrams

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If you haven't seen the text of Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s speech about the internet, you should definitely read it. It's getting passed around like crazy, and people (reasonably so) are up in arms about it. It reads like a paranoid madman grasping at straws, and trying to convince people it is their patriotic duty to make sure that only the big corporations have control over the internet. It's mindsets like these that cause problems. While he might not say it directly, what he's basically saying is that people, in general, are dangerous idiots, and only a select few (such as himself) should be allowed to tell people what they can and cannot look at on the internet (and how much they have to pay him for that right). I'm tempted to send an economics text book to Mr. Bronfman, because I think he needs a refresher course.

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  1. identicon
    Pogy, 2 Nov 2005 @ 11:03pm

    Re: A paranoid madman calls the kettle black

    One of the more intractable conundrums facing those of us who walk erect, is the nagging question of whether 'tis worse to be stupid or ignorant.
    The stupid must, perforce, be forgiven. The Ignorant, are bereft of excuse.
    To first, claim to have attended freshman economics, and then declaim that it taught you an arithmetic naive enough to bankrupt a lemonade stand, puts you more than a few pegs below those whose worst crime is a relatively simplistic and/or selfish notion of privacy.
    Whatever Mr. Bronfmans other faults, I'd not acuse him of an inability to balance his checkbook.
    Your entire stance crumbles. Built as it is on a quicksand lot.
    Having you argue the case for the individual is a Klansman's endorsement.
    You do us no favor by adding more monkey howl to the din.
    What your spouting is a sort of childish parroting of a Kantian style labor theory of value.
    You heard it in the first half of class #2, as an example of what doesn't work.
    Net Miester that you are, Try googling the word 'capitalism' and see if you can reconstruct the rest of the semester.
    You sneer at Him and his ilk, with drool chasing your lips, and all you give them is an excuse to sneer back.
    Damn, Now I don't know who I'm madder at, Him or you.

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