Scary Speech from Edgar Bronfman Jr. of Seagrams

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If you haven't seen the text of Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s speech about the internet, you should definitely read it. It's getting passed around like crazy, and people (reasonably so) are up in arms about it. It reads like a paranoid madman grasping at straws, and trying to convince people it is their patriotic duty to make sure that only the big corporations have control over the internet. It's mindsets like these that cause problems. While he might not say it directly, what he's basically saying is that people, in general, are dangerous idiots, and only a select few (such as himself) should be allowed to tell people what they can and cannot look at on the internet (and how much they have to pay him for that right). I'm tempted to send an economics text book to Mr. Bronfman, because I think he needs a refresher course.

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    scared to death a blood sucking lawyer will sue me, 1 Jun 2000 @ 2:24pm

    No Subject Given

    Judging from the ideas proposed in this speech this man has got to be a 60 year AOL'er. He seems to believe that people like him and big companies created the Internet. What a baffoon. Imagine if HTML were the product of a company and the only way to create a web page would be to purchase a $600 Visual HTML or whatever. The web would not exist. How about we charge for every email you send and if it crosses a mail relay along the way you have to pay a toll at that gateway as well. Wait a minute, I'm going to patent that idea so no one can ever charge for emal without paying my royalties! You see how stupid it could get if guys like this had their way. It's the openness of the Internet that has made it explode so ignorant fat cats like this guy can make money from it. The Internet renders the concept of owning an idea obsolete. That's what the Internet is based upon. The absoute free exchange of ideas. Sure businesses are going to have to adapt. And change is hard for people who have, up until now, had successful businesses. But just the blacksmiths that didn't learn a new skill when the horseless carriage was introduced the old guys set in their ways will also die out.

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