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If It’s Impossible To Compete With Google, How Come New Search Engines Keep Launching? by 08-Jul-2022 15:51 PM (29 comments)
Bill Gates And Other Major Investors Put $52.6 Million Into Site Sharing Unauthorized Copies Of Academic Papers by 16-Mar-2017 16:32 PM (20 comments)
Helping Build The Surveillance State Is Good Business: Palantir Gets $196 Million More In Funding by 30-Sep-2013 03:43 AM (17 comments)
Kim Dotcom Planning To Invest In Privacy Startups by 16-Jul-2013 02:43 AM (27 comments)
No, You Don't Need Patents To Raise Money by 05-Jun-2013 20:06 PM (32 comments)
Crowd Funding: Also A Method For Proving Marketability To Investors by 20-Feb-2013 20:02 PM (9 comments)
Ridiculous: SEC Boss Refused To Move Forward On Required Crowdfunding Rules To Protect Her 'Legacy' by 04-Dec-2012 19:58 PM (15 comments)
Canada's New Startup Visa Is Progressive By U.S. Standards, But For Them It Could Be A Step Backwards by 12-Sep-2012 20:16 PM (15 comments)
And… The Bureaucrats Begin Spreading FUD About Crowdfunding by 24-Aug-2012 15:19 PM (16 comments)
New Study From Booz & Co. Shows That SOPA/PROTECT IP Will Chill Investment In Innovation by 16-Nov-2011 12:19 PM (58 comments)
Send In The Clones: Startup Raises $90 Million To Copy Other Startup by 15-Jun-2011 02:16 AM (13 comments)
DailyDirt: Expensive Things To Buy… by 26-Apr-2011 17:00 PM (9 comments)
Are Silicon Valley Angel Investors Colluding Over Deals? by 22-Sep-2010 07:17 AM (10 comments)
Don't Read Too Much Into The Claims That Intellectual Ventures Returns Are Negative by 29-Jul-2010 15:53 PM (6 comments)
House Increases Taxes On Venture Capital At A Time When More Investment In Innovation Is Needed by 28-May-2010 16:44 PM (12 comments)
Why Does Financial Reform Punish Startup Companies And Angel Investors? by 25-Mar-2010 15:08 PM (27 comments)
Startup Visa Act Introduced In The Senate by 24-Feb-2010 17:20 PM (20 comments)
VC Explains How Damaging Software Patents Can Be by 23-Feb-2010 09:09 AM (35 comments)
Well Respected VC Firm Comes Out In Favor Of Independent Invention Defense Against Patent Infringement Lawsuits by 12-Jan-2010 11:11 AM (35 comments)
Apparently Even VCs Get Confused Over Ratio Ownership Compared To Total Value by 19-Oct-2009 20:40 PM (6 comments)
Venture Capitalists May Be Left Out Of Burdensome Regulations On Private Equity by 14-Oct-2009 01:00 AM (5 comments)
Venture Capital: A Part Of The Ecosystem, But Not The Ecosystem by 21-Sep-2009 22:17 PM (8 comments)
Congress Clueless About Venture Capital… Still Wants To Regulate It by 01-Sep-2009 02:28 AM (6 comments)
Congrats, RIAA: Chilling Effects Have Killed Interest In New Digital Music Startups by 24-Jul-2009 09:15 AM (30 comments)
Making It Easier For Startups To Cash Out by 02-Jun-2009 01:43 AM (9 comments)
Treasury Department Meddling In Venture Capital For No Good Reason by 10-Apr-2009 03:10 AM (14 comments)
Open Source Text Book Company Flat World Knowledge Gets Funded by 27-Mar-2009 15:59 PM (13 comments)
American Library Association Pushes For More Video Games In Libraries by 10-Mar-2009 14:14 PM (26 comments)
Throwing Money At Problems Usually Is Not The Solution by 23-Feb-2009 17:44 PM (23 comments)
Venture Capitalist Explains How Patents Can Be A Tax On Innovation by 16-Feb-2009 14:03 PM (77 comments)

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