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NSO Group Finally Figures Out How Many European Countries It Does Business With by 15-Aug-2022 13:56 PM (4 comments)
Ring Partners With Cop Reality Show Producer To Produce New Third-Party Generated Clip Show by 15-Aug-2022 10:45 AM (11 comments)
Leaked NSO Group Presentation Details Malware’s Ability To Turn On Cameras, Mics To Surveil Targets by 12-Aug-2022 15:45 PM (4 comments)
EU Commissioner Pens Barely Coherent Defense Of Spying On Everyone, For The Children by 10-Aug-2022 09:28 AM (15 comments)
Surprise: U.S. Quest To Purge Chinese Gear From Domestic Networks Was A Sloppy Mess by 10-Aug-2022 05:47 AM (19 comments)
It Takes A Village Of Third Party Surveillance Tech Providers To Raise A Child by 09-Aug-2022 10:50 AM (9 comments)
UK Gov’t Turning To Facial Recognition Smartwatches To Monitor Convicted Foreigners by 08-Aug-2022 10:48 AM (13 comments)
Absolutely Terrible Textbook Publishing Giant Pearson Wants To Make Everything Even Worse With NFTs by 05-Aug-2022 10:45 AM (31 comments)
And Now EU Commissioners Are Reporting Their Phones Were Infected With NSO Group Malware by 01-Aug-2022 15:56 PM (3 comments)
San Francisco Mayor Wants PD To Be Able To Commandeer Cameras Owned By Residents Because Reasons by 29-Jul-2022 09:25 AM (19 comments)
The NFL’s New Streaming Offering… Kind Of Sucks Thanks To Legacy Broadcasting Rights by 28-Jul-2022 15:32 PM (7 comments)
City Of Chicago, Chicago PD Officers Sued Over Their Use Of Questionable ShotSpotter Technology by 28-Jul-2022 10:42 AM (12 comments)
University Of Chicago Researchers Think They’ve Built A Better Pre-Crime Mousetrap by 27-Jul-2022 15:26 PM (41 comments)
Two GCHQ Employees Suggest The Solution To CSAM Distribution Is… More Client-Side Scanning by 27-Jul-2022 10:50 AM (18 comments)
Hackers Already Prepared To Screw Up BMW’s Subscription Heated Seat Model by 26-Jul-2022 05:29 AM (29 comments)
US Defense Contractor L3Harris Drops Plan To Buy NSO Group Despite Allegedly Having The Defense Department’s Backing by 22-Jul-2022 15:28 PM (11 comments)
FBI Successfully Forced A Criminal Suspect To Unlock His Wickr Account With His Face by 21-Jul-2022 09:26 AM (24 comments)
Ring: Cops Can Still Obtain Recordings Without Warrants Or User Consent by 18-Jul-2022 12:11 PM (11 comments)
BMW’s Push To Make Heated Seats A $18 Per Month Subscription Portends A Dumb And Costly Future by 13-Jul-2022 05:38 AM (74 comments)
Massive Chinese Police Database Hacked/Sold, Gov’t Responds By Trying To Bury The News by 11-Jul-2022 13:41 PM (17 comments)
Repeatedly Hacked T-Mobile Ramps Up The Sale Of User App Download And Behavior Data by 11-Jul-2022 06:23 AM (21 comments)
GAO’s Facial Recognition Testimony Doesn’t Explain Why Federal Agencies Aren’t Fixing Problems Reported A Year Ago by 08-Jul-2022 13:30 PM (3 comments)
Canada’s Federal Police Have Been Using Powerful Malware To Snoop On People’s Communications by 07-Jul-2022 09:37 AM (14 comments)
FTC Hits Harley-Davidson On Right To Repair by 06-Jul-2022 13:36 PM (22 comments)
Google Deletes Abortion Location Data As Attack On Roe Completely Realigns The Privacy Debate by 06-Jul-2022 06:26 AM (145 comments)
Italian Exploit Developer Follows Hacking Team’s Lead, Sells Powerful Spyware To Human Rights Violators by 30-Jun-2022 13:33 PM (2 comments)
The Future Of Policing In China Is Pervasive, Surveillance-Driven Law Enforcement Crystal Balls by 30-Jun-2022 10:41 AM (13 comments)
Enjoy Digital Ownership And Public Libraries While You Still Can by 29-Jun-2022 19:29 PM (54 comments)
NSO Lawyer Tells Lawmakers Company Can Count To Five, Will Need More Time To Count Higher Than That by 29-Jun-2022 10:43 AM (4 comments)
Not Even Your ‘Smart’ Jacuzzi Is Safe From The Internet Of Broken Things by 28-Jun-2022 14:47 PM (19 comments)

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