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Silicon Valley Starts Hiring Poets To Fix Shitty Writing By Undercooked “AI” by 28-Sep-2023 05:27 AM (4 comments)
It’s Beyond Stupid That Robocallers And Lobbyists Have Made Our Voice Networks Almost Unusable by 26-Sep-2023 05:23 AM (32 comments)
Countries Eye Weight Tax To Counter Public Safety Threat Of Extremely Heavy, Large EVs by 21-Sep-2023 15:39 PM (70 comments)
EU-Funded ‘Automated Deception Detection’ Border Security Project Concludes, But Public Aren’t Allowed To See Research Details by 21-Sep-2023 12:11 PM (13 comments)
Despite Some Progress, iFixit Says Apple’s Dedication To ‘Right To Repair’ Still Sucks by 21-Sep-2023 05:26 AM (15 comments)
Elon, Who Insisted He Had Solved The Spam/Bot Problem, Now Says He Will Paywall Twitter To Stop Spam/Bots by 19-Sep-2023 12:02 PM (97 comments)
Intelligence Community Feels It Might Be Time To Start Stuffing Surveillance Gear Into People’s Pants by 18-Sep-2023 09:24 AM (22 comments)
California Set To Pass ‘Right To Repair’ Reform With Help From… Apple? by 14-Sep-2023 14:51 PM (10 comments)
College Kids Are Easily Bypassing Stupid University TikTok Bans by 13-Sep-2023 05:29 AM (44 comments)
Judge For FTC Rules Intuit Can’t Continue Its ‘Free To File’ Advertising Bullshit by 12-Sep-2023 19:58 PM (16 comments)
The Batshit Crazy Story Of The Day Elon Musk Decided To Personally Rip Servers Out Of A Sacramento Data Center by 12-Sep-2023 09:31 AM (149 comments)
BMW Backs Off Heated Seats As A Subscription Service Because It Was Stupid And Unpopular by 12-Sep-2023 05:25 AM (18 comments)
FBI, Federal Judge Agree Fighting Botnets Means Allowing The FBI To Remotely Install Software On People’s Computers by 11-Sep-2023 12:03 PM (23 comments)
FCC Proposes Voluntary Security Labels For ‘Internet Of Things’ Devices Most Companies Will Probably Ignore by 08-Sep-2023 05:25 AM (16 comments)
As EU Commission Moves Forward With ‘Chat Control’ Proposal, EU Nations Continue To Push Back by 07-Sep-2023 09:25 AM (8 comments)
Forget About Platform Exclusives; Here Comes The PC GPU Exclusives! by 06-Sep-2023 20:13 PM (34 comments)
NYPD’s New Labor Day Tradition Involves Drone Surveillance Of People’s Private Parties And Property by 05-Sep-2023 20:07 PM (19 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 364: Thinking About Decentralization by 05-Sep-2023 13:30 PM (4 comments)
Gannett Stops Using AI To Write Articles For Now Because They Were Hilariously Terrible by 01-Sep-2023 15:50 PM (16 comments)
Tesla, Rivian Put On Fake Show Of Support For ‘Right To Repair’ by 01-Sep-2023 13:28 PM (7 comments)
L. Ron Hubbard’s Estate Is Against Right To Repair For Scientology’s E-Meters by 01-Sep-2023 12:03 PM (27 comments)
Despite Everyone Knowing Cellebrite Devices Can Be Used To Break Into Locked Phones, Cellebrite Tells Cops Not To Tell Anyone Its Tech Can Used To Break Into Locked Phones by 30-Aug-2023 10:52 AM (12 comments)
UK Government Serves Up Possibly-Illegal Amendments To The Investigatory Powers Act by 28-Aug-2023 09:28 AM (33 comments)
Nvidia Embraces Modding Community For ‘Half Life 2’ Project, Valve Apparently Cool With It by 25-Aug-2023 19:39 PM (5 comments)
Today In ‘Here’s How Elon Is Making ExTwitter Worse,’ He’s Going To Get Rid Of Headlines & Snippets For News by 22-Aug-2023 09:24 AM (39 comments)
Yes, In Theory, Elon Could Be Cooking Up Something Better Than Blocks, But In Reality… by 21-Aug-2023 12:04 PM (69 comments)
ExTwitter Broke Yet Again, Disappearing Nearly All Images From 2011 Through 2014 by 21-Aug-2023 09:32 AM (20 comments)
Netflix’s Foray Into Video Game Streaming Is Getting Slightly More Interesting by 18-Aug-2023 19:39 PM (3 comments)
Social Engineering Meets Hacking With Prompt Hacking by 18-Aug-2023 15:40 PM (56 comments)
Of Course Bank Execs Communicated Via Encrypted Messaging, But That’s Not The Fault Of Encryption by 16-Aug-2023 14:42 PM (30 comments)

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