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McDonald’s Loses Trademark Suit In Australia Against Hungry Jack’s Over ‘Big Jack’ Burger by 16-Nov-2023 19:56 PM (13 comments)
Does Elon Grok The Trademark Issues With ‘Grok’? AI Chip Company Groq Does by 15-Nov-2023 12:13 PM (33 comments)
Ravinia Festival Assoc. Sues Ravinia Brewing Company Over Geographic ‘Ravinia’ Trademark by 14-Nov-2023 19:53 PM (4 comments)
NFL Sends C&D To University Of Houston Over Homage To The Oilers’ Uniforms by 09-Nov-2023 19:39 PM (17 comments)
Trademark Dispute Ends Up In Partnership Between Parties, Rather Than A Fight by 08-Nov-2023 19:46 PM (1 comment)
Finally: Our National Taco Tuesday Nightmare Is Now Fully, 100% Over by 31-Oct-2023 20:27 PM (13 comments)
The Utah Cookie Wars Are Over: Crumbl Settles Trademark Suit With Dirty Dough by 23-Oct-2023 19:45 PM (4 comments)
Starbucks Joins The List Of Companies Using Trademark Law To Bully Its Own Union by 19-Oct-2023 20:07 PM (35 comments)
McCormick & Company Gets Spicy Over Weed Brand’s Parody Packaging by 18-Oct-2023 20:08 PM (11 comments)
Confused City Council Candidate Trademarks Local School’s Logo And Demands Licensing Fees by 10-Oct-2023 19:55 PM (17 comments)
Apples And Oranges: The US Patent And Trademark Office Combined Copyright And Trademark And Nothing Good Will Come Of That by 10-Oct-2023 13:38 PM (11 comments)
Three Guarantees In Life: Taxes, Death, And Politicians Trying To Destroy The Internet by 10-Oct-2023 09:28 AM (29 comments)
More ‘3 Stripes’ Nonsense: Adidas Opposes LIV Golf’s Trademark App For Logo by 05-Oct-2023 20:06 PM (11 comments)
Court Dismisses Medieval Times’ Trademark Suit Against Its Own Employee’s Union by 03-Oct-2023 19:40 PM (13 comments)
Court Declines To Grant New Trial To Molson Coors And Stone Brewing Over Trademark Suit Result by 27-Sep-2023 19:59 PM (5 comments)
AMC Defeats Liberty Tax Service Over Supposed Depiction In ‘Better Call Saul’ by 26-Sep-2023 20:06 PM (13 comments)
Boise State’s Silly Trademark For ‘Non-Green Football Fields” May Finally Get Challenged by 20-Sep-2023 14:43 PM (10 comments)
NZ Trademark Office Gets It Right Scrutinizing Trademark Opposition Review by 18-Sep-2023 20:06 PM (3 comments)
NCAA Sends C&D To National Collegiate Pickleball Association Over Trademark Concerns by 14-Sep-2023 19:54 PM (13 comments)
UFC Opposes Trademark App For Pillow Fighting Championship League Over Logo by 07-Sep-2023 20:19 PM (13 comments)
‘The Day Before’ To Become ‘Dayworld’ After Trademark Opposition From Calendar App Maker by 29-Aug-2023 20:01 PM (5 comments)
Trader Joe’s United Union Seeks To Dismiss Grocer’s Bullshit Attempt To Bully It Over Trademark by 24-Aug-2023 19:58 PM (5 comments)
Amazon, Wreal LLC Settle Fire TV, FyreTV Trademark Case by 22-Aug-2023 19:45 PM (2 comments)
Sexy Sandwiches: PornHub Goes After Kebab Shop Over Signs, Logos by 17-Aug-2023 15:33 PM (29 comments)
Russian State Media Ponders Taking Over Trademark Name, Logo For Liberal Radio Station by 16-Aug-2023 19:47 PM (7 comments)
Correction: Our National Taco Tuesday Nightmare Is Over, Except In New Jersey by 08-Aug-2023 20:16 PM (11 comments)
Court Should Block Registration Of ‘Trump Too Small’ Trademark Not Because It’s Someone’s Name, But Because No One Should Control The Phrase by 07-Aug-2023 12:00 PM (10 comments)
NFL Returns To Threatening Local New Orleans Businesses Over Fleur De Lis by 01-Aug-2023 19:46 PM (16 comments)
The Weird Trademark Issue That Shows Up In The Harlan Crow / Clarence Thomas Mess by 31-Jul-2023 13:52 PM (47 comments)
Our Long, National Taco Tuesday Nightmare Is Finally Over by 25-Jul-2023 15:45 PM (10 comments)

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