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Connecticut Is Now The First State To Make Calls From Prisons Free For Inmates by 06-Jul-2022 15:32 PM (15 comments)
DHS, ICE Begin Body Camera Pilot Program With Surprisingly Good Policies In Place by 30-Dec-2021 19:39 PM (7 comments)
In Big Shift For Apple, Company Makes It Easier For Users To Repair Phones by 17-Nov-2021 12:10 PM (27 comments)
Surprising, But Important: Facebook Sorta Shuts Down Its Face Recognition System by 03-Nov-2021 12:08 PM (16 comments)
When Facebook Turned Off Its News Feed Algorithm, It Made Everyone's Experience Worse… But Made Facebook More Money by 27-Oct-2021 12:03 PM (38 comments)
AT&T Set Up And Paid For OAN Propaganda Network; Yet Everyone Wants To Scream About Facebook by 06-Oct-2021 13:37 PM (98 comments)
Clearview Suffers Brief Bout Of Better Judgment, Drops Subpoena Demanding Activists' Communications With Journalists by 29-Sep-2021 13:31 PM (15 comments)
In Response To George Floyd Killing, Minnesota Schools Dump Contracts With Minneapolis PD by 08-Jun-2020 19:36 PM (48 comments)
How Steak-umm Became The Tweeting Voice Of Reason In A Pandemic by 13-Apr-2020 09:37 AM (17 comments)
Public Pressure Works: Gilead Asks FDA To Rescind Orphan Drugs Designation For Possible COVID-19 Treatment by 25-Mar-2020 11:38 AM (18 comments)
NSA Surprises Microsoft With A Vulnerability Disclosure Just In Time For Patch Tuesday by 14-Jan-2020 13:32 PM (37 comments)
Twitter Makes A Bet On Protocols Over Platforms by 11-Dec-2019 06:55 AM (68 comments)
Germany's CDU, Angela Merkel's Party Of Fuddy-Duddies, Decides To Join The Cool Kids: Backs Open Standards, Open Source, Open Data, Open APIs — Open Everything by 27-Nov-2019 03:40 AM (35 comments)
Microsoft Asks For Actual Spying Evidence To Justify Blackballing Of Huawei by 26-Sep-2019 13:41 PM (40 comments)
French Court Declares That Steam Gamers Actually Do Own What They Bought by 23-Sep-2019 13:35 PM (72 comments)
Another Nail In the Coffin Of Corporate Sovereignty, As Massive Asian Trade Deal RCEP Nears Completion Without It by 20-Sep-2019 15:39 PM (28 comments)
Some Investors Are Fed Up With AT&T's Costly Obsession With Merger Mania by 16-Sep-2019 06:30 AM (19 comments)
Houston Police Officer Who Led Botched Raid That Killed Two People Now Facing Felony Murder Charges by 12-Sep-2019 13:29 PM (39 comments)
Pressured By 'Right To Repair' Movement, Apple Will Sell Parts To Independent Repair Shops by 03-Sep-2019 06:30 AM (32 comments)
Woman Complains About Trooper's Behavior, Ends Up Getting A Whole Bunch Of Cops Fired For Timecard Fraud by 26-Aug-2019 15:32 PM (54 comments)
FCC Does Something Right: Proposes Making Suicide Prevention Hotline A Three Digit Number by 26-Aug-2019 06:28 AM (76 comments)
Axon Ethics Board Pulls Plug On Facial Recognition Tech Being Added To Its Body Cameras by 03-Jul-2019 19:39 PM (10 comments)
Gibson Guitar Declares Shift In IP Enforcement After Most Recent Public Backlash by 03-Jul-2019 15:35 PM (16 comments)
Maybe Epic's Claims For Exclusivity Strategy To Benefit The Gaming Industry Isn't Entirely Crazy by 27-Jun-2019 20:40 PM (65 comments)
San Francisco DA's Office Whips Up Its Own Sunlight, Releases Data Sets On Arrests And Convictions by 03-Jun-2019 19:40 PM (13 comments)
San Francisco Police Union Steps Up To Criticize Police Chief Over His Handling Of The Leak Investigation by 31-May-2019 14:45 PM (13 comments)
Anti-Piracy Outfit MUSO Comes Out Against The Use Of DRM by 05-Apr-2019 13:39 PM (10 comments)
There's One Encouraging Thought Buried In Zuckerberg's 2019 Challenge by 09-Jan-2019 12:01 PM (28 comments)
CBS Eyes Ditching Nielsen As Streaming, Cord Cutting Change The Game by 28-Dec-2018 06:51 AM (18 comments)
The Intelligence Community's Official Whistleblower Channel Is Going To Start Hunting Down Leakers by 17-Dec-2018 13:30 PM (16 comments)

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