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While Everyone Was Focused On Crypto Scams, Walmart Was Out Here Actively Helping Scammers by 25-Jul-2022 13:42 PM (37 comments)
Lawmakers Push FTC To Crack Down On Sleazy VPN Industry by 20-Jul-2022 10:38 AM (13 comments)
FCC Takes Another Baby Step Toward Addressing U.S. Robocall Hell by 07-Jul-2022 12:08 PM (10 comments)
New Report Offers Solutions For Our Never Ending Robocall Hell by 15-Jun-2022 06:32 AM (48 comments)
AT&T Gets A Tiny Wrist Slap For Another Bullshit Wireless Fee by 23-May-2022 05:24 AM (5 comments)
YouTube Scammer Pleads Guilty To Making Off With $23 Million In Fraudulently Obtained Royalties by 28-Apr-2022 12:28 PM (52 comments)
Juul Rented A Scientific Journal For a Month To Spread Glorified Marketing by 09-Jul-2021 04:54 AM (20 comments)
Scammers Use The Public's Fear Of Copyright Culture To Trick People Into Installing Malware by 19-May-2021 11:54 AM (35 comments)
Republicans Using Incredibly Sketchy And Manipulative 'Dark Patterns' To Dupe People Into Donating Way More Than Intended by 08-Apr-2021 12:05 PM (69 comments)
Whistleblower Says AT&T Has Been Ripping Off US Schools For A Decade by 22-Mar-2021 05:27 AM (8 comments)
Employees Say Foxconn & Donald Trump's Wisconsin Factory Scam Was An Absurdist Hellscape by 20-Oct-2020 06:30 AM (31 comments)
Wisconsin Gets Wise To Foxconn's Grift, Blocks New Subsidies by 19-Oct-2020 10:55 AM (31 comments)
SafeSpeed Executive Charged With Bribing Cook County Officials For Red Light Camera Contracts by 01-Sep-2020 15:43 PM (9 comments)
Get Ready For Deepfakes To Be Used In Financial Scams by 10-Aug-2020 15:43 PM (8 comments)
Professional Race Car Driver Hires Expert Gamer To Race His Video Game Car by 29-May-2020 19:39 PM (17 comments)
Tracfone Made Up "Fictitious" Users To Defraud Taxpayers, FCC by 16-Apr-2020 13:42 PM (9 comments)
FTC Just Sent Over $1 Million To People Scammed By 'Patent Marketing' Company The Former AG Matt Whitaker Was Involved With by 08-Apr-2020 14:35 PM (12 comments)
DOJ Correctly Takes Down Fraudulent COVID-19 Website Selling Bogus 'Vaccine Kits' by 25-Mar-2020 15:36 PM (61 comments)
Audit Indicates Intuit Made $1 Billion By Hiding Free File Program From The Public by 11-Feb-2020 19:17 PM (22 comments)
Study Shows The Internet Is Hugely Vulnerable To SIM Hijacking Attacks by 16-Jan-2020 06:22 AM (20 comments)
Another Day, Another Telecom Giant Caught Taking Taxpayer Subsidies They Didn't Deserve by 06-Dec-2019 06:23 AM (6 comments)
ICE Says Students Duped By Its Fake College Sting Should Have Known It Was A Sting by 03-Dec-2019 10:44 AM (77 comments)
New York Residents Unprotected, Served Up To Criminals By NYPD Employees by 18-Nov-2019 13:30 PM (20 comments)
The Cable Industry Makes $28 Billion Annually In Bullshit Fees by 09-Oct-2019 06:23 AM (27 comments)
Sprint Busted For Allegedly Defrauding The FCC Lifeline Program by 27-Sep-2019 06:30 AM (19 comments)
New York City Sues T-Mobile For Ripping Off Its Prepaid Users by 09-Sep-2019 06:13 AM (9 comments)
Giant Copyright Troll, Malibu Media, Sued By Investors by 14-Aug-2019 15:05 PM (67 comments)
Sinclair Faces Expanded Probe For Shady Behavior During Tribune Merger by 03-Jul-2019 13:44 PM (7 comments)
Comcast Gets $9 Million Fine For Tricking Customers With 'Worthless' Protection Plans by 11-Jun-2019 06:31 AM (25 comments)
Fugitive Fraudster Who Demanded Half Of Facebook Arrested After Three Years On The Run by 27-Aug-2018 19:19 PM (13 comments)

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