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FBI Director Chris Wray Still Won’t Shut The Fuck Up (Or Be Honest) About Phone Encryption by 17-Aug-2022 10:45 AM (24 comments)
UK Columnist: Because Salman Rushdie Got Stabbed, We Should Regulate Online Speech, Get Rid Of Anonymity, And Hold Social Media Responsible by 17-Aug-2022 09:28 AM (162 comments)
The Case Against Reality Winner Was A Travesty by 29-Jul-2022 13:43 PM (9 comments)
If You Think Free Speech Is Defined By Your Ability To Be An Asshole Without Consequence, You Don’t Understand Free Speech (But You Remain An Asshole) by 20-May-2022 09:33 AM (393 comments)
More Details: Sony Reportedly Telling Its Game Studios Not To Comment On Abortion Issue by 19-May-2022 20:00 PM (43 comments)
Blaming Video Games For Mass Shootings Is Ridiculous; Stop It by 18-May-2022 09:32 AM (53 comments)
Author Of Texas’ Social Media Law Admits That He Meant The Law To Exempt Any Moderation Decisions Protected By Section 230 (That’s Everything) by 17-May-2022 10:47 AM (124 comments)
The End Of Roe Will Bring About A Sea Change In The Encryption Debate by 16-May-2022 13:37 PM (18 comments)
Former President Obama Is Reasonably Concerned About Disinformation, But Still Doesn’t Have Much In The Way Of Solutions by 22-Apr-2022 10:47 AM (13 comments)
Social Responsibility Organization Says Meta’s Embrace Of Encryption Is Important For Human Rights by 07-Apr-2022 12:15 PM (6 comments)
Russia’s Social Media Propaganda Campaign Is Backfiring, So It’s Banning Facebook In Russia by 04-Mar-2022 15:37 PM (47 comments)
Today In Senators Who Don’t Know What The Fuck They’re Talking About Regarding Internet & Speech: Senator James Lankford by 01-Mar-2022 10:04 AM (15 comments)
LA Sheriff Threatens To 'Subject' City Council To 'Defamation Law' If They Won't Stop Calling His Deputies 'Gang Members' by 22-Feb-2022 10:42 AM (20 comments)
Senator Blumenthal, After Years Of Denial, Admits He's Targeting Encryption With EARN IT by 10-Feb-2022 09:36 AM (20 comments)
Whistleblower Alleges NSO Offered To 'Drop Off Bags Of Cash' In Exchange To Access To US Cellular Networks by 09-Feb-2022 05:28 AM (6 comments)
Senator Wyden: EARN IT Will Make Children Less Safe by 03-Feb-2022 12:01 PM (16 comments)
UK Gov't: Encryption Endangers Kids. Also UK Gov't: No, Encryption *Protects* Kids by 24-Jan-2022 03:22 AM (27 comments)
Turkey's Dictator Erdogan, Who Has Sued Thousands Of Critics, Jailed More, Now Claims That 'Social Media' Is A 'Threat To Democracy' by 14-Dec-2021 09:32 AM (57 comments)
Fraternal Order Of Police Opposes Biden FCC Nom Because She….Supports Encryption by 13-Dec-2021 10:45 AM (18 comments)
Surveillance Company CEO Threatens To Sue Reporter For Writing About His Company by 10-Dec-2021 10:49 AM (27 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 308: Getting Out Of Control by 07-Dec-2021 13:30 PM (3 comments)
Hikvision's Director Of Cybersecurity And Privacy Says IoT Devices With Backdoors 'Can't Be Used To Spy On Companies, Individuals Or Nations' by 22-Nov-2021 12:09 PM (15 comments)
TECHLASH 2.0: The Next-Gen TECHLASH Is Bigger, Stronger & Faster by 19-Nov-2021 10:44 AM (16 comments)
Jeff Bewkes Blames AT&T Incompetence For Bungled Time Warner, HBO Mergers by 17-Nov-2021 06:28 AM (11 comments)
Journalists In St. Louis Discover State Agency Is Revealing Teacher Social Security Numbers; Governors Vows To Prosecute Journalists As Hackers by 15-Oct-2021 05:10 AM (64 comments)
Facebook's Nick Clegg Makes It Clear: If You're Looking To Undermine Section 230, That's EXACTLY What Facebook Wants by 13-Oct-2021 10:51 AM (47 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 300: How Our Views Have Changed Over 300 Episodes by 05-Oct-2021 13:30 PM (0 comments)
South Korean ISP Somehow Thinks Netflix Owes It Money Because Squid Game Is Popular by 04-Oct-2021 05:37 AM (29 comments)
Blumenthal's Finsta Debacle: It Remains Unacceptable That Our Politicians Are So Clueless About The Internet by 01-Oct-2021 09:24 AM (52 comments)
Misquoting Einstein Is Fast And Stupid, But Not Accurate by 29-Sep-2021 20:04 PM (45 comments)

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