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Data Privacy Matters: Facebook Expands Encryption Just After Facebook Messages (Obtained Via Search Warrant) Used To Charge Teen For Abortion by 12-Aug-2022 12:09 PM (2 comments)
WhatsApp Again Affirms It Will Not Break Encryption To Appease Government Entities by 11-Aug-2022 10:53 AM (21 comments)
Consumer Advocates Angry That New Privacy Law Erodes Oversight Of Telecom Monopolies by 11-Aug-2022 05:32 AM (3 comments)
Ron Wyden Calls Out Federal Court System For Failing To Redact Sensitive Personal Information by 10-Aug-2022 13:32 PM (11 comments)
Why The Massive China Police Database Hack Is Bad News For Surveillance States Everywhere by 03-Aug-2022 20:41 PM (17 comments)
Tim Hortons Doles Out Some Coffee Pocket Change In Response To Location Data Scandal by 03-Aug-2022 13:37 PM (6 comments)
Thanks To ACLU FOIA Requests, We Now Have More Details On The DHS’s Warrantless Acquisition Of Location Data by 25-Jul-2022 12:17 PM (14 comments)
FCC To Finally Probe U.S. Wireless Abuse Of Customer Location Data by 25-Jul-2022 05:29 AM (10 comments)
New Federal Privacy Bill Further Erodes FCC Oversight Of Big Telecom. You Know, For Freedom Or Whatever. by 22-Jul-2022 06:26 AM (7 comments)
As The Chinese Government Ramps Up Oppression, Citizens Are Pushing Back by 20-Jul-2022 14:14 PM (52 comments)
EU Commission Sued For Violating Its Own Data Protection Rules by 20-Jul-2022 12:00 PM (28 comments)
Would Meta Really Shut Down Facebook And Instagram In The EU Over Data Transfer Rules? by 15-Jul-2022 13:45 PM (8 comments)
NSO Group Hacking Prompts Apple To Add A ‘Lockdown Mode’ To Its Devices by 14-Jul-2022 09:23 AM (5 comments)
Marco Rubio Pretends To Be A TikTok Privacy Champion, Despite Years Of Undermining U.S. Consumer Privacy by 08-Jul-2022 06:33 AM (24 comments)
The Dumb Right Wing Push To Ban TikTok Misses The Bigger Picture by 07-Jul-2022 06:20 AM (32 comments)
Kentucky Supreme Court Says Warrants Are Needed For Real-Time Cell Location Pings by 01-Jul-2022 09:34 AM (2 comments)
Yet Another EU Data Protection Authority Says Google Analytics Violates The Law by 01-Jul-2022 03:32 AM (3 comments)
Things Are Looking Up: Clearview Cuts Sales Staff, Dumps Chief Revenue Officer by 24-Jun-2022 13:31 PM (4 comments)
The Myopic Focus On TikTok Privacy Issues Remains Kind Of Weird by 23-Jun-2022 05:28 AM (9 comments)
New ‘Bipartisan’ Federal Privacy Bill Tries To Build Consensus Support, And Basically Succeeds In Annoying Everyone by 06-Jun-2022 09:33 AM (7 comments)
UK Government Orders Clearview To Pay $9.4 Million Fine, Delete All UK Residents’ Data by 03-Jun-2022 12:06 PM (10 comments)
Federal Legislators Ask Google To Limit Collection Of Location Data Following Leak Of Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling by 03-Jun-2022 09:39 AM (21 comments)
Being A Supreme Court Clerk Now Hazardous To Your Privacy by 02-Jun-2022 11:08 AM (45 comments)
Senators Push FTC To Protect Location Data Of Abortion Clinic Visitors by 26-May-2022 06:34 AM (31 comments)
FTC Politely Asks Education Companies If They Would Maybe Stop Spying On Kids by 25-May-2022 06:28 AM (9 comments)
Report Shows ICE’s Massive Surveillance Apparatus Is All Up In Americans’ Everything by 20-May-2022 10:44 AM (10 comments)
Clearview Settles Lawsuit, Agrees To Stop Doing Business In Illinois by 19-May-2022 15:28 PM (4 comments)
Tech Companies Oppose ‘Reverse Warrants,’ Say Surveillance Of User Location Data Should Be Limited To Tech Companies by 18-May-2022 13:41 PM (7 comments)
NSA Swears On The Body Of Ed Snowden It Will Not Backdoor New Encryption Standard by 16-May-2022 15:28 PM (37 comments)
Report: Most Mental Health, Prayer Apps Have Abysmal Security And Privacy Standards by 10-May-2022 13:41 PM (18 comments)

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