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Florida’s Governor Continues To Abuse His Executive Power To Eject His Political Opponents by 15-Aug-2023 10:53 AM (144 comments)
DeSantis May Be Learning What The Copyright World Has Always Known: Disney’s Lawyers Don’t Fuck Around by 31-Mar-2023 12:03 PM (251 comments)
White House Anonymously Throws Gigi Sohn Under The Bus After Screwing Up Her FCC Nomination by 16-Mar-2023 13:10 PM (38 comments)
Utility Busted Using Fake Consumer Group To Scuttle Eugene, Oregon’s Environmental Reforms by 13-Mar-2023 05:19 AM (73 comments)
Gigi Sohn’s Full Statement On Withdrawing Her FCC Nomination by 08-Mar-2023 15:52 PM (38 comments)
Telecom Monopolies Win Again: Gigi Sohn Forced To Withdraw From FCC Nomination by 07-Mar-2023 14:49 PM (86 comments)
Political Fiction vs. Reality: Twitter’s Alleged Help For Dems vs. Rupert Murdoch’s Real Help For Trump by 06-Mar-2023 09:22 AM (95 comments)
FCC Nominee Sohn Faces Third Hearing As Democrats Dawdle, The GOP Obstructs, And A Sleazy Telecom Industry Smear Campaign Continues by 14-Feb-2023 15:10 PM (35 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 343: Congress v. Twitter by 14-Feb-2023 13:30 PM (10 comments)
House Oversight Committee Wanted To Berate Twitter’s Old Management Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop; Instead, It Revealed Trump Censorship Attempts by 09-Feb-2023 09:28 AM (52 comments)
GOP Belatedly Realizes Its Embrace Of Propaganda And Conspiracy Results In Bizarre And Unpopular Candidates by 01-Feb-2023 05:20 AM (107 comments)
Kevin McCarthy’s First Order Of Business: Waste A Ton Of Time Misleading The Public Over The Bogus Twitter Files by 09-Jan-2023 10:45 AM (118 comments)
Gigi Sohn’s FCC Future Looking Brighter As Biden Plans Renomination by 03-Jan-2023 15:35 PM (8 comments)
AT&T, Comcast, Quickly Returned To Being The Top Corporate Funders Of Anti-Democracy Insurrectionists by 20-Dec-2022 05:38 AM (121 comments)
Despite Warnock Win, Gigi Sohn’s Path To The FCC Remains Mired In Dumb, Corrupt Bullshit by 15-Dec-2022 13:01 PM (7 comments)
Judge Fines Trump Muppet Josh Hawley For Violating Public Records Laws To Protect His Senate Run by 21-Nov-2022 15:32 PM (18 comments)
Fact Check: Facebook’s Policy That Its Fact Checkers Can No Longer Check Trump Is Very, Very Bad by 17-Nov-2022 09:26 AM (149 comments)
Finally: Countries Start To Rebel Against Corporate Sovereignty, But Ten Years Too Late by 31-Oct-2022 15:08 PM (18 comments)
Missouri Attorney General Appears To Be Using Open Records Requests To Intimidate His Critics by 25-Oct-2022 09:26 AM (68 comments)
FBI Email: Whole Lot Of Agents Think January 6 Capitol Raiders Did Nothing Wrong by 18-Oct-2022 09:44 AM (64 comments)
250 Groups Urge Senate To Stop Being Corrupt Jackasses and Finally Confirm FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn by 18-Oct-2022 05:34 AM (11 comments)
Dumb GOP Propaganda Long Ago Conflated Essential Infrastructure With ‘Socialism’ by 13-Oct-2022 05:18 AM (89 comments)
In Agency First, FCC Employee Union Backs Gigi Sohn by 04-Oct-2022 06:32 AM (3 comments)
Rep. Ken Buck’s Irrational Spite Of Tech Companies May Have Screwed Up Another Antitrust Bill by 28-Sep-2022 14:32 PM (20 comments)
[RETRACTED] Comcast Using Civil Rights As Cover To Scuttle Appointment Of Gigi Sohn To FCC by 05-Aug-2022 05:26 AM
Without The Votes To Pass, Antitrust Bill Gets Delayed by 02-Aug-2022 15:38 PM (3 comments)
Russia’s Other War – Against A Free And Open Internet by 07-Jul-2022 15:42 PM (9 comments)
Ron DeSantis Continues To Waste Taxpayer Funds To Pay For His Unconstitutional Culture Wars by 13-Jun-2022 12:13 PM (22 comments)
Telecom Lobbyists Are About To Scuttle The Nomination Of A Popular Reformer To The FCC And Nobody Much Seems To Care by 08-Jun-2022 15:42 PM (16 comments)
Texas’ Long Indicted Attorney General Launches Investigation Into Whether Or Not He’s The Biggest Elon Musk Sycophant Yet by 08-Jun-2022 09:40 AM (14 comments)

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