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FCC To Vote On New Rules Cracking Down On Shitty Cable TV Fees by 01-Dec-2023 05:27 AM (14 comments)
Meta Joins Google In Turning Its Back On The Open Web, And Embracing Unconstitutional Mandates That Pretend To ‘Protect The Children’ by 28-Nov-2023 09:35 AM (24 comments)
Canada Inches Closer To ‘Right To Repair’ Reform by 20-Nov-2023 05:25 AM (5 comments)
Senate Undercuts Section 702 Reform Efforts By Stapling Blanket Approval To A Must-Pass Budget Bill by 13-Nov-2023 10:55 AM (4 comments)
Ohio Lawmaker Wants To Criminally Charge Minors Who Watch Porn to Protect Minors. What? by 06-Nov-2023 12:31 PM (67 comments)
Online Safety Bill Is Official. Now We See What Enforcement Looks Like by 03-Nov-2023 15:44 PM (12 comments)
Apple Now Supports A Federal Right To Repair Law (Its Lawyers Will Help Write) by 26-Oct-2023 17:20 PM (8 comments)
Google Decides To Pull Up The Ladder On The Open Internet, Pushes For Unconstitutional Regulatory Proposals by 23-Oct-2023 10:53 AM (56 comments)
Newsom Signs California Right To Repair Bill Into Law by 13-Oct-2023 13:46 PM (6 comments)
FCC Wants Consumers To Get Refunds For Annoying Cable TV Contract Blackouts by 13-Oct-2023 05:30 AM (14 comments)
New York Pushing Yet Another Unconstitutional Social Media Age Verification Bill by 12-Oct-2023 10:51 AM (25 comments)
FTC Pushes New Rule To Try And Kill Bullshit ‘Junk Fees’ by 12-Oct-2023 05:22 AM (15 comments)
KOSA Won’t Make The Internet Safer For Kids. So What Will? by 05-Oct-2023 11:29 AM (28 comments)
Kids Are Smart: Teach Them To Be Safe Online by and 27-Sep-2023 15:51 PM (12 comments)
With Basically Zero Press Coverage At All, California Assembly Passes Its Own Version Of FOSTA by 25-Sep-2023 12:01 PM (22 comments)
Two Of The Absolute Worst Senators On Tech Policy Team Up To Put Together Terrible Ideas For AI Regulations by 08-Sep-2023 12:21 PM (10 comments)
Common Sense Media Has No Common Sense When It Comes To Internet Laws by 08-Sep-2023 09:27 AM (20 comments)
The EU Designates The Six Companies You Already Expected As ‘Gatekeepers’ Under The Digital Markets Act by 07-Sep-2023 15:40 PM (31 comments)
After Years Of Stupid Games, The Senate Finally Gives The Biden FCC A Voting Majority. Now What? by 07-Sep-2023 13:39 PM (9 comments)
Move Over, Software Developers – In The Name Of Cybersecurity, The Government Wants To Drive by 06-Sep-2023 15:33 PM (107 comments)
Australian Government, Of All Places, Says Age Verification Is A Privacy & Security Nightmare by 31-Aug-2023 10:50 AM (5 comments)
The Protecting Kids On Social Media Act Is A Terrible Alternative To KOSA by and 31-Aug-2023 09:27 AM (15 comments)
Push To Strip Fox’s Broadcast License Over Election Lies Gains New Momentum by 30-Aug-2023 15:30 PM (55 comments)
More People Realizing KOSA Is A 1st Amendment Nightmare by 18-Aug-2023 12:07 PM (35 comments)
Wisconsin Pushing Bill That Requires Websites To Treat All Users As If They’re Children by 14-Aug-2023 09:27 AM (38 comments)
Massachusetts Poised To Make Calls Free For Prison Inmates And Families by 10-Aug-2023 15:04 PM (7 comments)
My Distaste For Your Solution Does Not Mean Disregard For The Problem by 08-Aug-2023 10:46 AM (55 comments)
Senators Warren & Graham Want To Create New Online Speech Police Commission by 31-Jul-2023 12:05 PM (29 comments)
California Lawmakers Say It’s Time To Regulate The Internet The Same Way China Does by 28-Jul-2023 11:03 AM (66 comments)
‘Pass It, Pass It, Pass It, Pass It, Pass It,’ The President Says About A Bill The GOP Says Will Be Useful To Silence LGBTQ Voices by 26-Jul-2023 09:28 AM (82 comments)

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