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Ridiculous: Gov’t Contractor Copies Open Source 3D Printing Concept… And Patents It by 24-Jun-2022 19:39 PM (99 comments)
Too Little, Too Late, WTO Finally Eases Patent Rights On COVID Vaccines by 22-Jun-2022 15:17 PM (28 comments)
Patent Troll Uses Ridiculous “People Finder” Patent To Sue Small Dating Companies by 08-Jun-2022 13:53 PM (2 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 323: Why Patent Quality Matters by 07-Jun-2022 13:30 PM (1 comment)
Yes, Of Course Drug Patents Drive Up Drug Prices; Why Is This Even Up For Debate? by 26-Apr-2022 15:30 PM (27 comments)
NY Times Editorial Board Gets It: Drug Patents Are Bankrupting Americans & It Needs To Be Fixed by 22-Apr-2022 09:31 AM (40 comments)
US Courts Realizing They Have A Judge Alan Albright Sized Problem In Waco by 03-Jan-2022 12:14 PM (20 comments)
The US Gov't Paid For Moderna To Develop Its Vaccine; But Moderna Wants To Keep The Patent All To Itself by 21-Dec-2021 13:32 PM (40 comments)
Judge Albright Names Lawyer For Patent Trolls As New Magistrate Judge For Waco by 20-Dec-2021 12:04 PM (28 comments)
Why Are Drug Prices So High? Because Asshole McKinsey Consultants Figure Out Ways To Re-Patent The Same Drugs Over And Over by 24-Nov-2021 09:31 AM (41 comments)
Drug Price Negotiation Is A Second-Best Fix. Here's What Will Really Work by 11-Nov-2021 16:08 PM (15 comments)
Senators Tillis And Leahy Raise The Alarm About Judge Albright's Patent Forum Selling In Waco by 05-Nov-2021 09:31 AM (56 comments)
Critics Of Patent Waivers Are Claiming They Were Right… Despite No Patent Waiver Actually Issuing Yet by 14-Sep-2021 16:24 PM (8 comments)
US Judge Gets It Right: AI Doesn't Get Patents by 10-Sep-2021 17:40 PM (14 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: This Captcha Patent Is An All-American Nightmare by 12-Aug-2021 09:39 AM (27 comments)
Australian Court Ridiculously Says That AI Can Be An Inventor, Get Patents by 05-Aug-2021 14:39 PM (24 comments)
10 Steps The Biden-Harris Administration Should Take To Bring Equity To Our Patent System by and 23-Jul-2021 13:37 PM (5 comments)
COVID-19 Shows What Innovation Looks Like Without Patents (Spoiler: It Works) by 22-Jul-2021 13:37 PM (30 comments)
The Key To Lowering Drug Prices Is Improving Patent Quality by 21-Jul-2021 13:42 PM (10 comments)
Many Automakers Rely On Patents, But That Doesn't Mean All Patents Are Good For Automakers by 21-Jul-2021 01:56 AM (6 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 290: Patent Quality Week by 20-Jul-2021 13:30 PM (0 comments)
Patent Quality Week: This One Weird Trick Could Solve Most Patent Quality Problems by 19-Jul-2021 12:24 PM (36 comments)
Supreme Court Says Patent Review Judges Are Unconstitutional, But It Can Be Fixed If USPTO Director Can Overrule Their Decisions by 30-Jun-2021 15:33 PM (6 comments)
Bad Patents Getting In The Way Of A Fun Toy; Or Why I Had To Teach My Kids About How Patents Ruin Everything by 22-Jun-2021 13:36 PM (29 comments)
15 Universities Have Formed A Company That Looks Remarkably Like A Patent Troll by 18-Jun-2021 12:03 PM (12 comments)
Think Tech Companies Are Too Monopolistic? Then Stop Giving Them Patent Monopolies by 16-Jun-2021 12:10 PM (6 comments)
Congressional Committee Calls On GAO To Investigate Whether Patent Office Director Is Putting Thumb On The Scale Of Patent Reviews by 07-Jun-2021 09:33 AM (5 comments)
Senator Chris Coons Says No One Who Has Ever Criticized Intellectual Property Can Head The Patent Office by 27-May-2021 09:35 AM (47 comments)
Washington State Has Sued A Patent Troll For Violating Consumer Protection Laws by 24-May-2021 12:10 PM (10 comments)
Canada Still Won't Commit To Supporting A Pandemic Patent Waiver by 12-May-2021 11:57 AM (42 comments)

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