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FTC Finally Goes After Big Pharma And Its Fraudulent Orange Book Patent Listings by 08-Nov-2023 12:50 PM (11 comments)
Is Landmark Technology’s Two-Decade Patent Assault On E-Commerce Finally Over?  by 16-Oct-2023 13:46 PM (2 comments)
FTC Warns Pharma Companies That It May Go After Them For Sham Patent Listings Designed To Delay Generic Competitors by 18-Sep-2023 13:30 PM (7 comments)
Gilead Delayed Introduction Of New Version of HIV Drug, With Fewer Side Effects, Maximizing Its Patent Monopoly And Profits by 11-Sep-2023 19:59 PM (18 comments)
Tesla, Who Famously ‘Freed’ Its Patents, Sues For Patent Infringement (But… It Kinda Makes Sense) by 18-Jul-2023 12:09 PM (12 comments)
US Patent Office Proposes Rule To Make It Much Harder To Kill Bad Patents by 08-Jun-2023 19:42 PM (26 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: Trying To Get U.S. Patents On An AI Program by 01-May-2023 15:42 PM (20 comments)
Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case Over AI’s Right To A Patent; AI Inventions Remain Unpatentable by 28-Apr-2023 19:39 PM (16 comments)
Has Larry Lessig Lost The Plot? Tells Supreme Court That AI Should Get Patents by 18-Apr-2023 12:10 PM (31 comments)
Big Win Against Evergreening For Tuberculosis Sufferers In India, But Will Johnson & Johnson Allow Those In Other Countries To Benefit? by 05-Apr-2023 12:10 PM (9 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: Traxcell Tech Gets Ordered To Pay Attorneys’ Fees  by 31-Mar-2023 15:33 PM (5 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: Clocking In To Work—On An App by 28-Feb-2023 12:19 PM (6 comments)
Thanks To Evergreening And Legal Threats, AbbVie Has Earned $114 Billion Since 2016 From A Drug Whose Key Patent Expired Back Then by 10-Feb-2023 13:26 PM (12 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: Digital Verification Systems Patents E-Signatures  by 31-Jan-2023 13:24 PM (15 comments)
ITC Blocks Import Of Apple Watches Based On Claimed Infringement… But The Patents Have Already Been Declared Invalid by 27-Dec-2022 13:02 PM (15 comments)
The UK Wants A Trade Deal With India That Would Boost The Already Healthy Profits Of Big Pharma, And Cause Millions Of People To Sicken by 09-Nov-2022 19:58 PM (17 comments)
European Commission Says Pharma Company Teva Abused The Patent System To Violate Antitrust Laws by 17-Oct-2022 13:46 PM (7 comments)
New Study Shows That High R&D Costs Don’t Explain High Drug Prices by 03-Oct-2022 13:33 PM (6 comments)
Elon Musk Remains Exactly Correct About Patents: They’re For The Weak by 27-Sep-2022 12:07 PM (31 comments)
The Public Paid For Moderna’s mRNA Vaccine Tech; The Fact That Moderna Is Suing Over The Patent Is A Travesty by 31-Aug-2022 10:53 AM (16 comments)
Intel, Who Coined The Term ‘Patent Troll’ Makes Deal With Patent Troll To ‘Monetize’ Unused Patents by 30-Aug-2022 12:14 PM (4 comments)
Dude Who Keeps Suing To Try To Get His AI To Get A Patent Or Copyright Loses Again: Appeals Court Once Again Says No by 15-Aug-2022 09:35 AM (14 comments)
Texas Courts Fix Its Judge Alan Albright Problem By Automatically Reassigning Most Of His Patent Cases by 26-Jul-2022 13:40 PM (11 comments)
After Years Of Being Called An IP ‘Thief,’ China Now Out-Patenting Others… And Suing by 11-Jul-2022 16:12 PM (39 comments)
Ridiculous: Gov’t Contractor Copies Open Source 3D Printing Concept… And Patents It by 24-Jun-2022 19:39 PM (102 comments)
Too Little, Too Late, WTO Finally Eases Patent Rights On COVID Vaccines by 22-Jun-2022 15:17 PM (28 comments)
Patent Troll Uses Ridiculous “People Finder” Patent To Sue Small Dating Companies by 08-Jun-2022 13:53 PM (2 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 323: Why Patent Quality Matters by 07-Jun-2022 13:30 PM (1 comment)
Yes, Of Course Drug Patents Drive Up Drug Prices; Why Is This Even Up For Debate? by 26-Apr-2022 15:30 PM (27 comments)
NY Times Editorial Board Gets It: Drug Patents Are Bankrupting Americans & It Needs To Be Fixed by 22-Apr-2022 09:31 AM (40 comments)

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